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Interesting Architecture

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ID: 1673 Upper Intermediate
If you're familiar at all with Shanghai's modern Pudong skyline, you know that "interesting" is a good way to describe it. And with so much interesting architecture going up, you know there are going to be some nicknames given. In this Chinese lesson, we cover not only Shanghai's tallest buildings, but also some of Beijing's iconic structures.
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陆家嘴 Lùjiāzuǐ Lujiazui
现代化 xiàndàihuà modernized
大都市 dàdūshì metropolis
风采 fēngcǎi elegant demeanor
Shànghǎi de Lùjiāzuǐ dào le ,dàjiā gēn zhe wǒ xiàchē ,yīqǐ lái lǐnglüè yīxià xiàndàihuà dàdūshì de fēngcǎi 。
This is Shanghai's Lujiazui area. Everyone follow me off the bus and come have a taste of the metropolitan elegance of the big city.
wā ,dàochù dōu shì gāolóudàshà !lǎogōng ,kuàikuàikuài ,wǒ yào gēn Dōngfāngmíngzhū hé ge yǐng 。
Wow, there're skyscrapers and big buildings everywhere! Honey, hurry up. I want to take a picture with the Oriental Pearl Tower.
dàjiā xiān bié máng zhe pāizhào ,xiān tīng wǒ jièshào yīxià Lùjiāzuǐ de biāozhìxìng jiànzhù 。
Everyone, please wait a moment to take photos. First, let me introduce the most symbolic architecture of Lujiazui.
biāozhìxìng jiànzhù bù jiùshì Dōngfāngmíngzhū ma ?jǐ ge qiú lián zài yīqǐ ,zuì zuì hǎo rèn le !
Isn't the Oriental Pearl Tower symbolic architecture? A few balls connected together - it's the easiest to recognize!
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