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In the red 入不敷出—收入不够开支

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ID: 4158 Advanced
当购物狂遇上财政危机,打折商品难以收入囊中......怎样用轻松、流行的话谈论购物、“我没钱了”用中文怎样委婉、含蓄地表达呢?来听听看! 汉语水平考试词汇: 5- 优惠,反而,吃亏,损失,克制,谨慎 6- 精打细算,赤字,欲望,预算, 支出,当心 Learn words/phrases a shopaholic uses when faced with bargains despite already in the red, a situation described as 入不敷出 (expenses exceeding income). The Chinese also has subtle ways to say “I’m broke” or “my budget is insufficient “. Tune in to find out!
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购物狂 gòuwùkuáng shopaholic
哲学家 zhéxuéjiā philosopher
促销 cùxiāo to promote sales
财政 cáizhèng finances (public)
mǎi ,háishi bù mǎi ,zhèshì yīgē wèntí 。
To buy or not buy is a question.
zěnme huíshì ,nǐ zhège gòuwùkuáng tūrán biànchéng zhéxuéjiā le ?
Why has a shopaholic like yourself become philosophical?
yào guònián le ,zěnme néng bù mǎi mǎi mǎi ne ?kěshì zhīqián yīnwèi shuāng 11 ,hēiwǔ 、Shèngdàn de cùxiāo huódòng ,wǒ xiànzài yǐjīng cáizhèng chìzì le !
It’s almost Chinese New Year, how can I not buy, buy and buy? But Singles Day (called 双11 in China), Black Friday and Christmas promotions have left me in the red!
yùsuàn bùzú jiù xiān děngyīděng ,huòzhě bié mǎi le
If there is insufficient budget why not hold back for a while or pass.
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