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In My Songs

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ID: KT0017 Any
This episode of KTV time discusses one of the biggest sing-a-long songs to hit China in the last two years - 《我的歌声里》(wǒde gēshēng lǐ, “In My Songs”). Tom and David talk about this song and bit about its author 曲婉婷 (Qū Wǎntíng). Click here to have a listen to the song.
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méiyǒu yīdiǎndiǎn fángbèi ,yě méiyǒu yī sī gùlǜ 。
With my guard down, without any misgivings
nǐ jiù zhèyàng chūxiàn zài wǒ de shìjiè lǐ ,
That’s how you appeared in my world
dàigěi wǒ jīngxǐ ,qíngbùzìyǐ 。
Surprising me, overwhelming me
kěshì nǐ piān yòu zhèyàng ,zài wǒ bùzhībùjué zhōng qiāoqiāo de xiāoshī 。
But unfortunately in just the same way, without realizing it you quietly disappeared
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