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I'd Like To Work As A Volunteer

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ID: 2763 Upper Intermediate
Do you do volunteer work in your free time? Tune in and check out the phrases you might need to sign up for volunteer work.
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动物之家 dòngwù zhī jiā animal shelter
消息 xiāoxi news; information
quē to lack
志工 zhìgōng volunteer
nǐhǎo ,qǐngwèn shì dòngwù zhī jiā ma ?wǒ kàndào xiāoxi shuō nǐmen quē zhìgōng ,wǒ yǒu yìyuàn bāngmáng 。
Hello, is this the animal shelter? I saw that you were in need of volunteers, I want to help.
shì de ,xiān gēn nín shuōmíng yīxià ,wǒmen de zhìgōng shì páibānzhì ,měige lǐbài lái liǎng gè xiǎoshí jiù kěyǐ le ,xiǎng qǐngwèn nín fāngbiàn de shíduàn ?
Yes. Let me just explain first that our volunteers work on shifts. You just have to come two hours per week. Can I ask what time would be convenient for you?
wǒ jīnnián shíyuè zhīqián ,chúle xiàwǔ shíduàn zhīwài ,wǒ dōu yǒukòng ,nǐmen nǎge shíduàn bǐjiào quērén ne ?
Before October this year, I'm free all the time except for afternoons. What times are you most in need of people?
ng4 ,nà nín xīngqīsān shàngwǔ kěyǐ lái ma ?
Eh... So can you come on Wednesday mornings?
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