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I Haven't Seen You in Ages!

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ID: 1995 Intermediate
When two old classmates meet by chance after being out of contact for years, they're likely to notice a few changes. Tattoos, beer guts, peg legs... these little details are likely to be noticed under the keen eyes of your former friend. Sometimes such a meeting is even occasion for something beyond just the banal small talk you'd expect. Listen in to this Chinese lesson to find out what happens.
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qiǎo coincidental
碰到 pèngdào to bump into
毕业 bìyè to graduate
guò to pass
Liú Xiǎoyún !
Liu Xiaoyun!
Lǐ Huī !āiyā ,tài qiǎo le !néng zài zhèlǐ pèngdào nǐ !
Li Hui! Wow, what a coincidence, running into you here!
hāhā ,cóng bìyè dào xiànzài ,wǒmen yǒu wǔ nián duō méi jiàn le ba !
Ha ha, I haven't seen you since graduation over five years ago!
duì a !shíjiān guò de zhēn kuài !nǐ biànhuà tǐng dà de !wǒ chàdiǎnr méi rèn chūlai 。
That's right! Time really flies! You've changed quite a bit! I almost didn't recognize you.
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