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I Dropped My Phone Down The Toilet

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ID: 2696 Intermediate
We've all been there...dropping your precious smartphone down the lavatory or spilling water over your prized laptop.
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接电话 jiē diànhuà to answer the phone
讨论 tǎolùn to discuss
手机 shǒujī cell phone
丢脸 diū liǎn humiliating
nǐ zuótiān zěnme dōu bù jiē diànhuà ?wǒ yào gēn nǐ tǎolùn bàogào de shì 。
Why didn't you pick up your phone yesterday? I wanted to discuss the report with you.
wǒ de shǒujī bǎoxiū zhōng ,míngtiān wǎnshang cáinéng ná ...
My phone is being repaired, I won't get it back until tomorrow night...
bǎoxiū ?zěnmele ?
It's being repaired? What happened?
ài ...shuō qǐlai zhēn diū liǎn ,shàng cèsuǒ de shíhou diào dào mǎtǒng lǐ le 。
Ah... It's actually a little embarrassing, it dropped into the toilet bowl when I was on the toilet.
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