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I Don't Want to Be a Housewife

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ID: 4051 Upper Intermediate
Two friends are meeting at a coffee shop to talk about their troubles. In today's case, the reason one of them is upset is that their fiance wants them to stay at home and become a housewife after they get married. This is quite a common occurrence, more so in some Asian countries, where the man likes to look after the wife and be the single source of income. How would you feel about becoming a kept-man or woman? Do you have money problems with your partner or your boss? Would you like the chance to not have to work? Perhaps you wouldn't like to be financially dependant on someone else? In this Mandarin Chinese lesson, learn how to discuss relationship problems, especially some arguments you might have with your partner about your future and shared responsibilities.
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苦着脸 kǔzheliǎn to have a sad face
避难 bìnàn refuge; to take refuge; to seek asylum (political etc)
达成 dáchéng to reach (an agreement ); to complete a goal
共识 gòngshí common understanding; consensus
ài !wǒmen hǎobùróngyì yǒu shíjiān yuē chūlái jù ,nǐ kěyǐ bùyào zhèyàng kǔ zhe liǎn ma ?
Ah… it’s such a rare occasion that we get an opportunity to get together, can you not sit there with such a long face?
wǒ yě bù xiǎngyào Ā !dàn piānpiān wǒmen jiā nàge sǐguǐ ,yìngshì yào gēn wǒ chǎo gōngzuò de wèntí 。wǒ chūlái gēn nǐmen jv4 shì lái bìnàn de 。
I don’t want to either! But that scoundrel at home insisted on arguing with me about a work problem. The reason I came out to attend the get together with you guys was avoiding a disaster at home.
nǐmen dōu chǎo le yī ge duō yuè ,dào xiànzài dōu hái méi dáchéng gòngshí ā ?zěnme ?tā háishi bù xiǎng ràng nǐ hūn hòu chūqù gōngzuò ma ?nǐ quèdìng nǐmen zài zhèyàng chǎo xiàqù ,huì yǒu jiéguǒ ma ?
You’ve been arguing for over a month, and you’ve still been unable to reach any consensus? How can that be? Does he still not want you to work after you get married? Will there be any worthwhile conclusion to you two continuing to argue like this?
hái méi ne !měicì jiǎng dào zhège wèntí ,tā zǒng gēn wǒ shuō tā yǒudeshì qián ,ràng wǒ bié dānxīn shēnghuó ,guāi guāi zài jiā xiǎngqīngfú jiù hǎo ,dàn piānpiān wǒ jiùshì bù xiǎngyào 。
Not yet! Every time the issue comes up, he always says to me that the one thing he does have is money, and that I don’t need to worry about making a living, and that I should just enjoy a life of ease and comfort like a good girl, but I really don’t want that.
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