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How to use WeChat

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ID: 2595 Intermediate
Instant messaging services are huge these days, and in China, WeChat is the king of them all. It is a great way to make friends, practice your Chinese, and get an inkling of how people in China now communicate. In this dialogue, we listen in on a not-too tech savvy person who has downloaded WeChat for the first time.
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下载 xiàzài download
cái only
添加 tiānjiā to add
二维码 èrwéimǎ QR code
wǒ xiàzài hǎo wēixìn le ,dàn bù huì yòng 。
I finished downloading WeChat, but I don't know how to use it.
nǐ xiān dǎkāi wēixìnde APP 。
Open up the WeChat app first.
hǎo 。zěnme cái néng zhǎodào wǒde péngyoumen ?
Okay. How do I find my friends?
nǐ kàn zhèlǐ shì tōngxùn lù ,diǎn yīxià 。zuì shàngmian yǒu yī gè “xīn de péngyou ”,ránhòu diǎn tiānjiā jiù xíng le 。
Look, here is your contact list. Click it. At the top there will be a 'New Friend" button, then click add and you're all good.
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