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How To Use Action Complete “le” 了

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ID: 4271 Pre Intermediate
In this lesson, we're learning the action complete 了 (le). Learn how to say "I had eight hours of sleep last night" or "I went shopping yesterday" in this episode! In a previous lesson, we learned how to use 了 (le) in its change of state function. Check it out to refresh your memory: How to use 了了
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le particle indicating action complete
一壶茶 yīhúchá a pot of tea
喝一杯 hēyībēi to drink alcohol
演唱会 yǎnchànghuì concert
wǒ qiāo le mén ,kěshì tā bù zài jiā 。
I knocked, but she wasn’t home.
wǒ xiànzài cái xiǎng qǐlái ,tā zuótiān qù le Hánguó 。
I just remembered, she left for Korea yesterday.
wǒ zuótiān shuì le bā ge xiǎoshí de jiào 。
I had eight hours of sleep yesterday.
wǒ zuótiān hē le yī hú chá ,suǒyǐ zuówǎn zhǐ shuì le sì ge xiǎoshí 。
I drank a pot of tea yesterday so I only slept for four hours last night.
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