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How to Add a New Keyboard on iOS

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ID: 2910 Intermediate
In this lesson, we teach you how to add new input methods on a cell phone when it's language is set to (simplified) Chinese. If you are learning a second language (like all of you guys), then adding a new keyboard is essential in order to chat with friends and practice your writing. In today's class, a student wants to add a Korean keyboard to their iOS device but doesn't know how. We will teach you the specific words on iOS when the device is set to Simplified and Traditional Chinese. If you know the steps on doing this for Android/Windows, it would be great if you could leave them in the comments below.
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输入 shūrù input
点击 diǎnjī to click
设置 shèzhì settings; to install
接着 jiē zhe next
èi !zěnme zài shǒujī shàng shūrù hánwén ?
Ah! How do you input Korean language on your phone?
wǒ kàn kan ,nǐ de shì píngguǒ shǒujī ,suǒyǐ ne ,nǐ xiān diǎnjī “shèzhì ”,dǎkāi yǐhòu zhǎodào “tōngyòng ”。
Let me see, you use an iPhone, so, first you press settings, then when it opens find the "universal".
ō ...lǐmiàn yǒu zhème duō xuǎnxiàng ,wǒ yào xuǎn nǎ yī ge ?
Oh... There are so many choices here, which do I choose?
tīng wǒ shuō ma ,jiē zhe xià lā zhǎodào “jiànpán ”xuǎnxiàng ,diǎnjī dǎkāi ,kàndào “tiānjiā xīnjiànpán ”jiù kěyǐ le 。
Just listen to me, will you! Now go down to the option that says "keyboard", click open, and when you see "add keyboard" you're there.
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