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Houyi and The Ten Suns

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ID: 1638 Upper Intermediate
Did you know that in the mythic past, the earth had ten suns taking turns warming it? That is, until legendary archer Houyi came along. Learn this classic tale in this Chinese lesson.
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chán to pester, to bother
轮流 lúnliú in turn
人间 rénjiān the human world
光明 guāngmíng light
māma ,wèishénme tiānshàng zhǐ yǒu yī ge tàiyáng ?
Mom, why is there only one sun in the sky?
āiyā ,nǐ zěnme lǎo wèn zhè ge wèntí ?māma yǐjīng gěi nǐ jiǎng le hěn duō cì le 。
Oh geez, why are you always asking this question? I've already told you many times.
wǒ hái yào tīng 。
I still want to hear it.
wǒ zhèhuǐr5 yǒushì ,nǐ bié chán zhe wǒ 。ràng nǐ bà gěi nǐ jiǎng ba 。
I've got something I need to do right now, so let me be. Let your father tell it to you, OK?
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