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Houses are So Expensive!

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ID: 2960 Upper Intermediate
Houses are getting more and more expensive, and for first-time buyers, it can seem like an impossible task to get on the housing ladder. Listen as a friend complains about how hard it is, and how she feels like a "snail without a shell." Photo by elisfanclub
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蜗居 wōjū humble abode
别提了 bié tí le not to mention
兴叹 xīngtàn to sigh emotively
兴起...念头 xīngqǐ…niàntou for the notion of... to arise
ài !xiǎngyào gè wōjū jiù zhème nán ma ?
Ah! Is getting a modest home of my own really this difficult?
zěnmele ,tàn zhème dà yīkǒuqì 。
What's wrong, why the long sigh?
bié tí le ,wǒ zǎoshang cái qù kàn le liǎng jiān fáng ,fángjià guì dào wǒ zhǐnéng wànglóuxìngtàn 。
I don't want to talk about it, I went to see two places just this morning, but the prices were so expensive I could only look on from the sidelines.
fángjià guì yòu bù shì yītiān liǎngtiān de shì le ,dàoshì nǐ ,zěnme tūrán xīngqǐ mǎifáng de niàntou ?
It's not like house prices haven't been like this for a while. You on the other hand... Why has it suddenly occurred to you to buy a house now?
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