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Hot Spring Vacation

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ID: 2150 Upper Intermediate
For a wintertime getaway, bathing in a hot spring is a popular pastime for many Chinese, not only to relax but also for certain, often dubious, health benefits. Of course, that's not the only thing in doubt. How clean are these hot springs? And are they really hot springs or just glorified hot tubs? In this lesson, a group of coworkers plan an office getaway and reveal their doubts.
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mēn stuffy
懒得 lǎnde to rather not do something
除非 chúfēi unless
热带 rèdài tropics
āi ,gōngsī yào zǔzhī lǚyóu le ,nǐmen xiǎng qù nǎli wánr ?
Hey, the company is organizing a trip. Where do you all want to go?
zhēnde ?hǎo jiǔ méi chūqù wán le ,wǒ dōu kuài mēn chū bìng lái le 。
Really? I haven't gone traveling in a while. I've been cooped up so long I could be sick.
zhème lěng de tiān gěi wǒ qián wǒ dōu lǎnde chūqù ,chúfēi shì qù rèdài hǎidǎo shài tàiyáng 。
With such cold weather, even if you gave me money I still wouldn't want to go travelling, unless it was to a tropical island to lie in the sun.
qù hǎidǎo bùxíng ,tài guì le ,chāochū yùsuàn le 。
Going to an island is no good. It's too expensive and exceeds our budget.
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