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Horseback Riding

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ID: 1435 Upper Intermediate
We're off to the stables today for a little exercise with some four-legged friends. Today's show focuses on a class with a riding instructor - you'll be learning all about taking commands from teachers and interacting with horses in Chinese!
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上马 shàngmǎ to mount a horse
霹雳 pīlì thunderbolt
指导 zhǐdǎo to instruct, instructor
侏儒 zhūrú pygmy, dwarf
Lǚ Xiǎolè ,jīntiān shì nǐ dì yī cì shàngmǎ liànxí 。qiáo ,zhè shì nǐ de mǎ ,jiào pīlì 。
Lu Xiaole, today is your first time practicing on horseback. Look, this is your horse, he's called Thunderbolt.
ǎ ?Chén zhǐdǎo ,bùhuì ba ,jiào pīlì ?tā yòu xiǎo yòu ǎi ,jiào zhūrú hái chàbuduō 。
Huh? Mr. Chen, no way. He's named Thunderbolt? He's both small and short. 'Pygmy' is more like it.
hēhē ,bù yào xiǎokàn tā ,nǐ shuō shénme tā dōu tīng de dǒng 。guānyú shàngmǎ de yīxiē yàodiǎn wǒ zài chóngfù yī biàn ......
Heh-heh. Don't underestimate him. He can understand what you're saying. Let me go over some of the essentials concerning mounting the horse one more time.
Chén zhǐdǎo ,wǒ dōu liǎojiě le ,bùyòng chóngfù le 。wǒ mótuō hé máolǘ dōu qí guo ,shàngshǒu hěn kuài de 。
Mr. Chen, I completely understand. You don't have to go over it again. I've ridden a motorcycle and a donkey before. I got the hang of it right away.
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