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Holding a Meeting

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ID: 0388 Intermediate
We know our ChinesePod listeners are all good-looking and successful people. This means that at some point you’ll be chairing a meeting. So can we help? You bet we can! All we ask is that you wear your “ChinesePod RULZ” power tie. Listen to this podcast to learn how to conduct a meeting in Mandarin Chinese.
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同事 tóngshì colleague
市场分析 shìchǎng fēnxi market analysis
销售 xiāoshòu sales
市场部 shìchǎng bù marketing department
dàjiāhǎo ,xiànzài kāishǐ kāihuì 。xiān qǐng Lǐ zǒng jièshào yīxià jīntiān de yìchéng 。
Hello everyone, let’s start the meeting now. First I’ll invite Mr. Li to brief us on today’s agenda.
gè wèi tóngshì ,xiàwǔhǎo 。jīntiān wǒmen de huìyì yào tǎolùn sān ge wèntí ,yīcì shì shìchǎng fēnxi 、shìchǎng tuīguǎng hé xiāoshòu 。
Good afternoon, colleagues. At today’s meeting we need to discuss three issues. In order, they are: market analysis, marketing, and sales.
shìde 。shìchǎng bù hé xiāoshòu bù jīnglǐ huì gěi wǒmen jièshào tāmen de jìhuà 。ránhòu shì jítǐ tǎolùn hé wèndá shíjiān 。
That’s right. The managers of the Marketing Department and Sales Department will brief us on their plans. Then, there will be a group discussion and question and answer period.
ng4 ,jīntiān de huìyì fēicháng zhòngyào 。suǒyǐ qǐng dàjiā jījí fābiǎo yìjiàn 。
Right, today’s meeting is extremely important. So I invite everyone to express their point of view actively.
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