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Hitting the Gym

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ID: 2637 Upper Intermediate
Hitting the gym isn't just about losing weight or getting stronger, It's also a great stress relieving activity. If you're not interested in getting on the running machine, there are plenty of classes for all tastes. Listen in as two friends bump into one another outside the gym and discuss the pro's and cons of her gym.
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健身中心 jiànshēn zhōngxīn fitness center; gym
谁说 shéi shuō who said
保持 bǎochí to maintain
减轻 jiǎnqīng to reduce
yí ?xiǎoyún ,nǐ zěnme zài zhèlǐ ?
Huh? Xiaoyun, why are you here?
wǒ lái yùndòng ā ,sān lóu yǒu gè jiànshēn zhōngxīn 。
I came to work out, there's a gym on the third floor.
nǐ zhème shòu ,hái xūyào yùndòng jiǎnféi ā ?
You're so thin, do you really need to work out to lose weight?
shéi shuō yùndòng zhǐshì wèile jiǎnféi ?yùndòng kěyǐ bǎochí shēntǐ jiànkāng ,hái kěyǐ jiǎnqīng yālì ,suǒyǐ wǒ chángcháng shì yī xiàbān jiù lái 。
Who said working out was just to lose weight? Exercising keeps the body healthy and it can reduce stress, so I normally come straight from work.
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