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Hiring Discrimination

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ID: 2243 Upper Intermediate
Getting a job is tough in China not just because of all the competition. There's discrimination - sexual discrimination, age discrimination, regional discrimination... well, you get the idea. In this lesson, two friends air their grievances.
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人选 rénxuǎn candidate
第三轮 dì sānlún third round
考官 kǎoguān interviewer
同等条件 tóngděngtiáojiàn same level of qualitfications
Xiǎomǐn ,nǐ miànshì de nà jiā gōngsī yǒu xiāoxi le ma ?
Xiao Min, did you hear back from that company you interviewed with?
méi 。wǒ gēn yīqǐ miànshì de yī gè nǚshēng jiāoliú guò ,shuō shì rénxuǎn yǐjīng dìng le ,zhǐ yào le liǎng gè nánshēng 。
No. I talked with the girl that I interviewed with. She said that a candidate has already been picked. They only wanted two men.
bùhuì ba 。nǐ yǐjīng shā jìn dì sānlún miànshì le ,érqiě kǎoguān bùshì duì nǐ yìnxiàng mán hǎo de ma ?
No way. You've already made your way to the third round of interviews, and didn't the interviewer give you a good impression?
āi ,qíshí wǒmen xīnli dōu qīngchǔ ,tóngděngtiáojiàn xià gōngsī dōu shì yōuxiān kǎolǜ nánshēng de 。
Yeah, the truth is that we all knew it deep down. With the same qualifications, the company would always consider a man first.
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