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He Thinks He's a Player

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ID: 2722 Upper Intermediate
She's been on a date with someone that not only is narcissist but thinks he is an absolute player. Listen to two friends talk about dating and relationships.
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如何 rúhé how
别提了 bié tí le don't bring it up
一肚子火 yīdùzihuǒ seething with rage
(喜欢)个头 (xǐ huān) gètóu like my ass (expressing incredulity that someone would like something)
xiǎonài ,nǐ zuìjìn gēn ājié rúhé ya ?zàiyìqǐ le ma ?
Xiaonai, how are you and A Jie doing recently? Are you guys still together?
bié tí le ,xiǎngdào tā jiù yídùzihuǒ 。
Don't even mention him, I get angry just thinking about him.
wèishénme ?tā bú shì hěn xǐhuan nǐ ma ?
Why? Didn't he really like you?
xǐhuan gètóu ,tā dàochù sāwǎng ,tóngshí zhuī shí gè nǚshēng yē ,hái hǎo wǒ kànqīng tā le ,gàosu nǐ ,wǒ nìngkě dāng Lǔmèi yě bú yào gēn zhèzhǒng nánshēng zàiyìqǐ 。
Like my ass, he had his thumbs in lots of different pies, chasing over a dozen girls at the same time. Luckily I saw through him. I tell you, I'd rather be left on the shelf than to be with a guy like that.
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