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Has the Internet Made Us Stupid?

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ID: 3059 Upper Intermediate
Do you remember a time before smartphones, where dinnertime debates were so much more interesting? Now that everything is on our devices, we seem to have outsourced our brains to technology. Do you agree with this statement?
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tàng measure word for trips
发展 fāzhǎn to develop
大幅 dàfú by a large margin
降低 jiàngdī to lower
nǐ zhè cì chūguó jǐ hào chūfā ,yào jǐ diǎn dào jīchǎng ?xū bu xūyào wǒ zài nǐ yī tāng ?
What date are you setting off on this trip abroad? And what time do you have to be at the airport? Do you need me to give you a lift?
wǒ kàn yīxià …nǐ děng yīxià ,wǒ ná shǒujī ...wǒ shì hòutiān ,zǎoshang bādiǎn de fēijī 。
Let me see.. wait here a minute. I'll get my phone... I'm going the day after tomorrow, and my flight is at eight in the morning.
zhè hái yào chá ya !kējì de fāzhǎn guǒrán dàfú jiàngdī le nǐ de jìyìlì 。
Even this you need to look up? Technological development has really made your memory deteriorate dramatically.
hāhā !nǐ shuō de dàoshì zhēnde ,wǒ hái yǒudiǎnr huáiniàn jǐnián qián dàjiā zài cānzhuō shàng wèile lěngzhīshi zhēnglùnbùxiū de rìzi ,xiànzài gèzì tāochū shǒujī jiù jiéshù huàtí le 。
Ha ha! You're right there. I kind of miss the days a few years ago when we would have lively arguments around the dinner table over trivia. Now everyone just takes out their phones and the topic is over.
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