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Harry Potter

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ID: 0919 Upper Intermediate
So famous in China that he ranks his own statue in a housing development, the Harry Potter craze of course didn't leave China untouched. Though a look around any street-side book cart may make one wonder if any of J.K. Rowlings millions came from this neck of the woods, all the same--Harry Potter is part of Chinese children's world now, too. Hear all about the little wizard in this podcast.
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哈利·波特 Hālì · bōtè Harry Potter
一阵子 yīzhènzi a short period of time
不得了 bùdéliǎo over the top
闲情 xiánqíng leisure time
ā ,nǐ jiā jūrán yǒu quántào de 《Hālì · bōtè 》!
Hey, you have the entire set of Harry Potter!
yǒu yīzhènzi tīngshuō quánshìjiè de xiǎopéngyǒu dōu zài kàn 《Hālì · bōtè 》,jiù gěi dìdi mǎi le sān běn 。méixiǎngdào tā xǐhuan de bùdéliǎo ,hòulái jiù dōu mǎi le 。wǒ yě juéde tǐng bàng de 。nǐ kàn guo ma ?
I heard that before we know it every kid in the world is reading Harry Potter, so I bought three of the books for my little brother. I never realized he would like them so much, so in the end i bought him the whole set. I think they are pretty good too. Have you read them before?
jiù kàn guo nà bù mófǎshí de diànyǐng 。wǒ yī ge kuài bènsān de dànánrén le ,nǎyǒu xiánqíng kàn zhège !mófǎ shì xīfāng xiǎohái xǐhuan de ba ?
I have only seen ''The Sorcerer's Stone" movie. I am almost 30 years old--I don't have the time for things like this. Kids in the west are really into sorcery, hey?
Zhōngguó bù xiàng xīfāng nàyàng yǒu tèbié de wūshī wénhuà 。bùguò dàjiā xīnli dōu yǒu ge mófǎ mèng ba !chuān le yǐnxíng yī biérén jiù kānbùdào nǐ ,dǎsuì huāpíng niàn ge zhòuyǔ jiù méishì le ,xiǎo shíhou shéi bùxīwàng yǒu zhèyàng de hǎoshì !
China doesn't really have the sort of wizard/witch culture that they do in the west. However, everyone deep down enjoys dreaming about magic. Like wearing magic clothes that make you invisible, breaking vases and then chanting something and its fixed. What child wouldn't fantasize about those kinds of cool things?
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