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Hangzhou's West Lake

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ID: 2847 Upper Intermediate
In today's lesson you'll learn about the best places to visit at Hangzhou's West Lake (西湖, Xī Hú). Hear about some ancient stories such as "The Legend of White Snake" as well as the top 10 areas of most interest. Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2011, There are numerous temples, pagodas, gardens, and artificial islands within the lake and has influenced many of China's most famous poets and painters. Photo by anyonghua
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西湖 xīhú West Lake (Hangzhou)
可惜 kěxī it is a pity
成行 chéngxíng to make it happen
出差 chūchāi to go on a business trip
hěnzǎo yǐqián jiù xiǎng dào Hángzhōu lái kàn kan xīhú ,kěxī yīzhí méiyǒu chéngxíng ,xiàzhōu chèn zhe qù Hángzhōu chūchāi ,wǒmen zhōngyú kěyǐ liǎo le zhè ge xīnyuàn le 。
We've long wanted to go to Hangzhou to see the West Lake, but unfortunately we were never able to make it happen. Next week while on a work trip to Hangzhou, we'll finally be able to make this dream come true.
shuōdeshì ā ,wǒ yě yīzhí xiǎngqù xīhú kàn kan ,《xīnbáiniángzichuánqí 》táicí dōuhuì bèi le ,zěnme yě děi qù shídì kàn kan ā 。bùguò zài qù zhīqián ,wǒmen zuì hǎo xiān zuòzuo gōngkè 。
You said it. I've always wanted to go to see the West Lake too. I can even recite the lines of "The Legend of White Snake", so I should really try to go to the actual place to have a look whatever I do. However, we should do a little homework before going.
wǒ tīngshuō xīhú jǐngqū zǎo jǐnián jiù bèi lièrù le Liánhéguó fēiwùzhì wénhuà yíchǎn ,zuì zhùmíng de jiùshì chuánshuō zhōng de xīhúshíjǐng 。
I hear the West Lake scenic area was listed as a UNESCO site of intangible cultural heritage, the most famous thing about the area is the ten legendary scenes around the West Lake.
wǎngshàng shuōde de xīhúshíjǐng shì sūtí chūnxiǎo 、qǔyuàn fēnghé 、pínghú qiūyuè 、duànqiáo cánxuě 、liǔlàng wényīng 、huāgǎng guānyú 、léifēng xīzhào 、shuāngfēng chāyún 、nánpíng wǎnzhōng 、sāntán yìnyuè 。tīng qǐlai hǎo yǒu wénhuà de yàngzi ā 。
On the internet it says the ten legendary scenes are 'Dawn on the Su Causeway in Spring', 'Lotuses in the Breeze at the Winery Garden', 'Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake', 'Lingering Snow at Broken Bridge', 'Orioles Singing amid the Billowing Willows', 'Observing Fish at Flower Pond', 'Leifeng Pagoda at Sunset', 'Twin Peaks Piercing the Clouds', 'Hearing the Temple's Evening Bell Below Nanping Mountain' and 'Three Pools Mirroring the Moon'. It sounds so cultural.
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