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Google vs. Baidu

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ID: 1013 Upper Intermediate
Ali vs. Foreman... Skywalker vs. Vader... Donahue vs. Oprah... There was always a winner and a loser. This may not be any rumble in the jungle, but the results are just as hard to bet on... and the odds, well, just odd. Listen to this podcast, where Google takes on Baidu. May the best Chinese search engine win.
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百度 Bǎidù Baidu
竞价 jìngjià price competition
排名 páimíng to rank
浏览量 liúlǎnliàng traffic
nǐ yòng Google sōusuǒ a ?wèishénme bù yòng Bǎidù ?
You use Google to search? Why don't you use Baidu?
Bǎidù shì jìngjià páimíng 。pái zài qiánmian de wǎngzhàn bù shì yīnwèi liúlǎnliàng gāo ,dédào wǎngyǒu de rènkě ,érshì yīnwèi tāmen shěde huāqián 。
Baidu arranges sites by how much the owners have paid. The ones listed at the top are not there because they have a lot of traffic and people approve of them. It's because they are willing to pay a lot of money.
yòng duō le jiù yǒu qiàomén le ,duō kàn jǐ yè jiù xíng le bei 。wǒ juéde Zhōngwén sōusuǒ háishì Bǎidù qiáng 。nèiróng shì Google de hǎojǐ bèi ne 。érqiě hǎo duō xīn wǎngyè dì yī shíjiān jiù néng sōudào ,Google jiù bù xíng 。
Use it for a while and you'll discover some tricks-of-the-trade; just look at a few more pages and you'll be fine. I think that for searching in Chinese, Baidu is still your best bet. It has several times as much content as Google. Plus, a lot of new web pages are immediately available there. Google can't do that.
nǐ bié shàng Google quánqiú wǎngzhàn ,shàng Google diǎn cn bù jiù xíng le 。Zhōngwén sōusuǒ jiéguǒ yě shì hěn quán de 。zuì zhòngyào de shì nèiróng xiāngguāndù bǐjiào gāo 。bùguò ,yào tīng yīnyuè dehuà ,wǒ háishì yòng Bǎidù 。
Don't look at Google's website for the entire world. Check out, that's good enough. Its Chinese search results are also very complete. Most important, the stuff you find with Google is very relevant. But if you want to listen to music, you should still use Baidu.
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