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Going to Wudang Mountain

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ID: 1319 Upper Intermediate
During the holidays, many people on the Chinese mainland head to one of eight special mountains. Perhaps the best know are the four Buddhist mountains, like Huangshan and Emei Shan. Not to be neglected are their siblings, the four Taoist mountains. In today's lesson, learn all about one of these very special travel destinations. Who knows - we might even bump into the RZA on the chair lift...
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自驾游 zìjiàyóu road-trip
佛教 fójiào Buddhism
道教 Dàojiào Taoism
湖北 Húběi Hubei
lǎogōng ,qùnián wǒmen bǎ sì dà fóshān dōu guàng le yī quān ,jīnnián de zìjiàyóu zhǔnbèi qù nǎr a ?
Hubby, last year we took a trip to each of the 4 great Buddhist mountains. Where are we planning to go on our road-trip this year?
qùnián kàn le fójiào míngshān ,jīnniān yàobu qù gǎnshòu yīxià Dàojiào ,bǐrú Húběi de Wǔdāngshān ,sìdà Dàojiào míngshān zhī shǒu 。
Last year we saw the famous Buddhist mountains. How about this year we experience a bit of Taoism? For example, Wudang Mountain in Hubei; the principle mountain of the four Taoist mountains.
shénme Dàojiào míngshān ,méi yìsi 。wǒ xiǎng qù Dísīní 。
Famous Taoist mountains? That's so boring. I want to go to Disneyland.
Shànghǎi de Dísīní hái méi zào hǎo ne 。qù Xiānggǎng dehuà ,nà xiāofèi kě gāo le 。Wǔdāngshān hěn yǒu yìsi de ,nà kě shì wǒ zuòmèng dōu xiǎng qù de dìfang 。
Shanghai's Disneyland hasn't finished construction yet. If we go to the Hong Kong Disneyland, the cost will be really high. Wudang mountain is really interesting. It's a place I've always dreamed of going to.
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