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Going to Grandma's to Feast

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ID: 2977 Intermediate
After working on a school project for what seems like ages, and surviving only on instant noodles, two school friends are stuck trying to decide where to eat. One of the friends recommends Grandma's, although this isn't what you might expect. Photo by Michael Coté
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咱们 zánmen we (inclusive of person being addressed)
dùn measure word
qiàng to choke; to feel suffocated (by an odor or gas)
实验室 shíyànshì laboratory
zánmen tǎolùn yīxià wǎnshang qù nǎli chīfàn ba ,kètí zuò wán děi zhǎo gè dìfang hǎohāo chī yī dùn 。
Let's discuss where we're going for dinner this evening. After completing this task we should find a place to have a really nice meal.
hǎo a hǎo a !shì gāi hǎohāo chī yī dùn kàoláo yīxià zìjǐ le 。zuìjìn máng de gòuqiàng 。
Yes! Yes! We really should reward ourselves with a nice meal. Recently we've been terribly busy.
shuō de duì ,zài shíyànshì lǐ wō le yī ge yuè ,zhěngtiān chī pàomiàn ,hài de wǒ xiànzài mǎnzuǐ pàomiàn wèi 。
You're right. We've been holed up in the lab for a month, eating instant noodles all day. It's made my entire mouth taste like instant noodles now.
wǒ gǎnjué hǎo jiǔ méi chī dào yī dùn zhēnzhèng de fàn le 。
It feels like ages since I've eaten a real meal.
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