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Going to an International School

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ID: 2276 Upper Intermediate
International schools in China and throughout the world are famous for their high standards and their high price tags. In this lesson, two colleagues talk about the pluses and minuses of these educational institutions.
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国际学校 guójì xuéxiào international school
研究 yánjiū to research
看情况 kàn qíngkuàng depending on circumstances, to look at the situation
办不到 bànbudào to be unable to do
nǐ zài kàn shénme wǎngyè a ?Shànghǎi guójì xuéxiào ?nǐ yòu méi háizi ,kàn zhè gè gànmá ?
What website are you looking at? Shanghai International School? You don't even have kids. What are you doing looking at that?
hái bùshì lǎobǎn 。tāmen jiā lǎodà míngnián yào shàng xiǎoxué le ,jiào wǒ yánjiū yīxià 。
It's because of the boss. His oldest child is going to start elementary school next year and he asked me to check it out.
lǎobǎn shì Zhōngguórén ,dàduōshù de guójì xuéxiào zhǐ shōu wàijí de xuésheng ba 。
The boss is Chinese. Most international schools only accept foreign students.
kàn qíngkuàng ,yǒuxiē yě shōu Zhōngguórén 。zài shuō ,wǒmen lǎobǎn nǐ hái bù zhīdào ma ?jiānxìn méiyǒu qián bànbudào de shì !
It depends on the situation. Some also accept Chinese. Also, you know about our boss, right? He's convinced there's nothing that money can't accomplish!
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