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Going on a Diet

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ID: 0539 Pre Intermediate
In the Tang Dynasty, to be fat was to be beautiful. Nowadays, as the Bling Dynasty sweeps the nation, oh how the tables have turned. China is a land of magical weight-loss remedies. Whether it's braving the acupuncture needles, downing little "herbal" pills, or, for the more traditional, training on the humble hula hoop, weight-loss methods abound. Listen to this podcast to learn how some Chinese friends plan to lose that "spare tire."
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没劲 méijìn tedious
穿不下 chuānbuxià to not fit into
减肥 jiǎnféi to lose weight
至少 zhìshǎo at least
āi ,jīntiān zhēn méijìn 。guàng le yī tiān ,shénme yě méi mǎidào 。
(Sigh.) Today was really tedious. Shopping all day, and haven't bought a thing.
shì yā ,hǎokàn de yīfu nàme duō ,kěxī yī jiàn dōu chuānbuxià 。
Yeah. There are so many nice clothes. It's such a shame that nothing fits me.
wǒ yě shì 。xiànzài tiān rè le ,wǒ tūrán fāxiàn yuánlái zìjǐ zhème pàng 。
Same goes for me. Now that the weather is hot, I've suddenly discovered that I've gotten really fat.
shì a ,zhēn děi yào jiǎnféi le 。wǒ zhìshǎo yào shòu shí jīn 。
Yeah, I really need to lose weight. I want to lose at least 5 kilograms.
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