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Getting Caught at Airport Security 机场安检

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ID: 4055 Advanced
  不论你是旅行老手、还是第一次坐飞机,机场安全检查总是令人感到紧张,特别是在别的国家,今天我们就要来听听安全检查时可能遇到的问题,以及那些让旅客精神紧绷的”不能带上飞机的危险物品“。 In this lesson, a lady gets caught at airport security for trying to bring various contraband on board the airplane. Learn some words and phrases you might need in case you ever get caught carrying any of today's items.
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平板 píngbǎn tablet computer
诸如此类 zhūrúcǐlèi things like this (idiom); and so on; and the rest
电子用品 diànzǐyòngpǐn electronic items
X光机 X guāngjī Xray machine
xíngli lǐmiàn yǒu bǐjìxíngdiànnǎo 、shǒujī 、píngbǎn děng zhūrúcǐlèi de diànzǐ yòngpǐn ma ?yǒu dehuà qǐng ná chūlái ,fēnbié fàng zài lánzi lǐ guò X guāngjī gūniang ,lǐtou yǒu diànzǐyòngpǐn ma ?kǒudài lǐ de yě ná chūlái 。
Have you got any electronic goods such as laptops, mobile phones, or tablets? If you have, please take them out, and put them in separate baskets to go through the X ray machine.
wǒ de bāobāo lǐmiàn méiyǒu diànzǐ yòngpǐn ,yīnggāi méiyǒu wèntí
I don’t have any electronic goods in my bad, so it should be no problem.
bì zhège bāo shì shéi de ?wǒmen xūyào dǎkāi jiǎnchá yīxià 。
(Beep) Whose is this bag? We need to open it up to inspect it.
shì …shì wǒ de ,wǒ yīnggāi méiyǒu fàng shénme wéijìnpǐn cái duì ā ,zěnme huì yǒu wèntí ?
It’s… it’s mine. I shouldn’t have any forbidden items, what can the problem be?
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