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Getting a Work Visa

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ID: 2437 Upper Intermediate
With an employment permit is in hand, it's time for our foreign friend to go get a residency visa. In this lesson, learn more about the ins and outs of applying for a work visa in China.
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就业 jiùyè to work
zhèng certification
申请 shēnqǐng to apply
签证 qiānzhèng visa
wèi ,Mike ,nǐde jiùyè zhèng bàn hǎole 。xiànzài kěyǐ qù shēnqǐng qiānzhèng le 。
Hello, Mike. Your employment permit is done. Now you can go apply for a visa.
tài xièxie le 。wǒ yào zhǔnbèi xiē shénme wénjiàn ?
Thank you so much. What documents do I need to prepare?
nǐ xūyào dàihǎo jiùyè zhèng 、hùzhào 、gōngsī de yíngyèzhízhào 、yāoqǐnghán 、yī zhāng liǎng cùn zhàopiàn ,yuánjiàn hé fùyìnjiàn gè yī zhāng 。ránhòu háiyǒu nǐ tiánxiě de shēnqǐngbiǎogé 。
You need to take your employment permit, passport, company business license, company invitation letter, one 2-inch picture. Both the original and a copy of each one. Then you also have to fill out the application form.
nǐ děngdeng ,wǒ jì yīxià 。lìngwài wǒ shēnqǐng de qiānzhèng lèixíng shì nǎ zhǒng ?
Hold on. I'll write this down. Also, what type of visa am I applying for?
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