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Getting a Pump On! Back and Bicep Workout in the Gym

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ID: 4054 Upper Intermediate
Today's lesson gets hot and steamy, where two guys are getting their pump on and working out their back and biceps in the gym. They seem to be spending more time getting the right angle for their photos than on working out their muscles! Learn some useful Mandarin Chinese terms for working out in the gym body parts, and general gym chat when bodybuilding and weightlifting.
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一阵子 yīzhènzi a while; a spell; a short time
偷懒 tōulǎn to goof off
韧带 rèndài ligament
拉伤 lāshāng to pull; to injure by straining
hēi !xiǎopàng ,hǎojiǔbujiàn ,yǒu yīzhènzi méi kàndào nǐ le ,jiànshēn kěshì bùnéng tōulǎn de !
Hey! Fatboy, long time no see. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you, but one really can’t fall behind when it comes to working out!
wǒ yě bù yuànyì ā !wǒ qián zhènzi yòu jiān rèndài lāshāng ,yāo shàng de jiù shāng yě yīzhí méi fùyuán ,suǒyǐ xiǎng xiān bǎ shāng yǎng hǎo le zài kāishǐ liàn 。
It’s not through lack of intention! I pulled a ligament in my right shoulder recently, and the old wound above my hip still hasn’t fully recovered, so I will start exercising again once my injury is better.
wǒ shànggèyuè dǎ lánqiú ,qiǎng lánbǎn luò dì de shíhou yī ge méi zhùyì ,zuǒ jiǎohuái jiù niǔshāng le ,dāngxià tòng dào wǒ yǎnlèi dōu biāo chūlái 。
Last month playing basketball, when I hit the ground after going for a rebound I accidentally twisted my left ankle. At the time it was so painful, tears gushed out of my eyes.
nà nǐ jīntiān hái nàme qínláo jiànshēn ?wǒ dǒng nà zhǒng tòng ,wǒ jiǎohuái rèndài yě niǔshāng guò 。
Then why are you working out so hard today? I understand that kind of pain. I’ve twisted my ankle ligament before.
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