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Getting a Driver's License

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ID: 1001 Upper Intermediate
This lesson does not constitute in any way, shape or form any advocation, promotion, condoning of, nor in any way comprehension of the notion of foreigners getting driver's license in China. However, if you like living on the edge, this could be an outlet, due to the sad lack of bungee jumping facilities. In this podcast, find out how to take your life back into your own hands, and get your Chinese driver's license. Lesson
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驾照 jiàzhào driver's license
非要 fēiyào to absolutely insist on
硬着头皮 yìng zhe tóupí to bite the bullet
居留证明 jūliúzhèngmíng proof of residence
zǎo !jīntiān nǐ lǎogōng sòng nǐ lái de ?
Morning! Did your husband drive you to work today?
shì a ,tā gāng nádào jiàzhào ,fēi yào sòng wǒ 。
Yeah, he just got his driver's license, so he insisted on driving me.
lǎowài bàn Shànghǎi jiàzhào tǐng nán de ba ?wǒ jiùshì pà máfan ,yīzhí méi ràng wǒ lǎogōng qù bàn 。
Is it very difficult for a foreigner to get his driver's license? I really hate hassles, so I never let my husband go get his.
wǒmen yǐqián yě shì pà máfan ,jiéguǒ chū ge mén dōu děi wǒ kāichē ,suǒyǐ qiánxiētiān jiù yìng zhe tóupí qù bàn le ,méixiǎngdào hái tǐng róngyì de 。
Before, we also thought it was going to be a big pain, so every time we went out, I was the one that had to drive. So a few days ago we bit the bullet and went to do it. We didn't realize that it would actually be so easy.
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