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Game of Thrones

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ID: 2953 Upper Intermediate
  Another Game of Thrones lesson for you, (The script writers must really love it). Learn about the show, and how Chinese history ties in with some of the translations. Game of Thrones Title Music composed by Ramin Djawadi
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震撼 zhènhàn to shock; to stun
就这么 jiùzhème to be just this
浴血奋战 yù xiě fèn zhàn bloody battle
虐心 nuèxīn heart wrenching; tear jerking
wā !tài zhènhàn le !dìliù jì jiù zhème wán le ma ?
Wow! That was so epic! Was that the end of season six?
gānggāng nà chǎng yù xiě fèn zhàn de zhànzhēng zhēn shì tài nuèxīn le !xiàde wǒ yīshēn lěnghàn 。
That gory battle we just watched was so heart-wrenching! It was so tense it made me sweat all over.
wǒ jiù bù juéde jiūxīn ,wǒ xīnxiǎng wǒ zuìài de juésè yīdìng dōu néng fùhuó de !
It did't really tug on my heart strings. I'm thinking that my favorite characters will still be able to come back to life.
Nā kě bù yīdìng ,nǐ bù jìde nà chǎng xiěsè hūnlǐ le ma ?nà shíhou nǐ zuìài de Shǐtǎkè jiāzú xiànzài dōu bù zhīdào sǐ dào nǎli qù le 。
I wouldn't be so sure. Don't you remember the Red Wedding? Look at what happened to all your favourite Starks at the time, they're all gone!
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