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Formatting a Word Document

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ID: 1957 Intermediate
Properly formatting a document, especially when "writing a report" involves a lot of copying and pasting from online sources. Every workplace can use a stickler for proper presentation, so if that's you, this is the Chinese lesson you need to enforce your formatting high standards.
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编辑 biānjí to edit
文件 wénjiàn document
地方 dìfang place
修改 xiūgǎi to revise
Xiǎo Yú ,wǒ kàn le nǐ biānjí de wénjiàn ,yǒu jǐ ge dìfang yào xiūgǎi 。
Xiao Yu, I took a look at the document you edited. There are a few places that need to be revised.
zhè shì huìyì wénjiàn ,biāotí de zìtǐ yào zhèngshì yīxiē 。
This is a document for a meeting, so the title font should be a bit more formal.
nà wǒ gǎi chéng hēitǐ ba 。
I'll make it Hei, then.
ng4 。zhèxiē shùjù zuò chéng biǎogé huì hěn qīngchǔ 。
Good. This data would be really clear as a table.
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