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Forbidden Palace Love Hotel!

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ID: 3093 Upper Intermediate
A girlfriend finds out her partner has had a possible affair by checking his WeChat account and finding out he spent the night in a Forbidden Palace themed love hotel room. She vows to get to the bottom of it.
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无精打采 wújīngdǎcǎi in low spirits
导致 dǎozhì to result in
精神不济 jīngshén bújì to have no energy
搞不好 gǎobuhǎo perhaps; maybe
nǐ zěnme wújīngdǎcǎi de ,gāi bùhuì shì zuótiān wǎnshang máng zhe yuēhuì cái dǎozhì jīntiān jīngshén bùjì de ba ?wǒ gěi nǐ pào hú chá ?
Why do you look so lifeless? I bet the reason your so tired today is because you were busy out on your date last night, right? I'll make a pot of tea for you.
zuótiān . . . zuótiān wǎnshang wǒ nányǒu gāng chūchāi huílai ,wǒ bù xiǎoxīn fāxiàn tā wēixìn lǐ tóu yǒu gēn biérén àimèi de duìhuà . . .
Yesterday...when my boyfriend came home from his business trip last night, I accidentally found flirtatious conversations between him and someone else on his WeChat...
shénme ?gàosu wǒ zhè bùshì zhēnde !nà …tā xiě le shénme ,gǎobuhǎo zhǐshì hěn hǎo de péngyou ,nánrén yǒu jǐ ge hóngfěnzhījǐ hěn zhèngcháng !yěxǔ shì nǐ xiǎng duō le ?
What! Tell me that's not ture! Then...what exactly did he say? They might just be close friends. It's quite normal for a guy to have a couple of close girl-friends. Maybe you're over thinking it?
nàge yěnǚrén wèn tā ,”nà jiān Zǐjìnchéng zhǔtí de bīnguǎn yī wǎn duōshǎo qián ,tā kěndìng chèn chūchāi de shíhou ,bēizhe wǒ zuò le jiànbude rén de shì 。
That hussy asked him "how much was the forbidden palace themed (love) hotel per night?". I bet he did something absolutely despicable when he was away for work.
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