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For the Love of Straight Teeth

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ID: 2303 Upper Intermediate
Americans are known throughout the world for their white, straight teeth, and China is no exception. In this lesson, a girl tells her friend about a recent trip to America where she found the gleaming smiles too much to bear. Poddies, prepare to brush up on dental care in Chinese!
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别扭 bièniu awkward
露出 lùchū to reveal
结果 jiéguǒ results
hài to cause
kuài lái kàn wǒ zài Měiguó pāi de zhàopiàn !
Come see the pictures I took in America!
zhēn bùcuò ,fēngjǐng hěn piàoliang 。bùguò ,nǐ xiào de zěnme zhème bièniu 。yào lùchū bā kē yáchǐ cái piàoliang ma 。
They look good. The scenery is really pretty. But why are you smiling so awkwardly? You need to show eight front teeth if you want to look good.
ài ,bié tí le 。wǒ gāng dào nàlǐ ,jiù bèi yī gè Měiguó péngyou wèn :“tīngshuō ,Zhōngguórén bù zěnme zàihu yáchǐ ,zhè shì zhēnde ma ?”jiéguǒ hàide wǒ yuè kàn wǒ de yá yuè chǒu ,dōu bùgǎn xiào le 。
Jeez, don't remind me. Right when I got there, my American friend asked: “I've heard that Chinese don't really care about their teeth. Is that true?” As a result I was afraid that the more I showed my teeth, the more ugly I'd seem and I didn't even dare to smile.
nǐ péngyou yě tài zhíjiē le ba 。bùguò xīfāngrén de yá kàn qǐlái shì bùcuò ,yòu zhěngqí yòu bái 。nándào jīyīn bù yīyàng ?
Your friend is so direct. However, Western people's teeth do look nice, both straight and white. Are their genes just different?
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