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Fix My Cold

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ID: 2824 Upper Intermediate
When the seasons change, it's quite possibly that you will come down with a seasonal cold. Listen to today's dialogue between a doctor and patient as she describes her various symptoms to him. Photo by jenny cu
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鼻水 bíshuǐ snot
忽冷忽热 hūlěnghūrè to feel cold one minute and hot the next
爆炸 bàozhà to explode
夸张 kuāzhāng exaggerated; to be over the top
nǎli bù shūfu ?
What's the matter with you?
yīshēng ,wǒ késou ,bíshuǐ yě liú gè bùtíng ,shēntǐ hūlěnghūrè ,tóutòng de kuài bàozhà le ,wǒ shì bùshì kuài sǐ le ?
Doctor, I keep coughing, my nose keeps running, I keep getting hot and cold flushes and my head feels like it's about to explode. Am I dying?
méi nàme kuāzhāng ba ,wǒ xiān bāng nǐ liáng yīxià tǐwēn 。méiyǒu fāshāo 。kànlai méiyǒu shénme dàài 。
It's not that bad. First I'll take your temperature. You haven't got a fever. It looks like it's nothing major.
yīshēng ,nǐ quèdìng ma ?wǒ zhēn de chāojí bù shūfu de ,bāng wǒ dǎzhēn ,wǒ xiǎng kuài diǎn hǎo qǐlai 。
Doctor, are you sure? I'm really feeling very unwell. Can't you give me an injection? I want to get better quickly.
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