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Firing Someone

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ID: 1488 Upper Intermediate
It's never easy to fire someone, even if you have ample reason to do so. This lesson demonstrates the Chinese way of laying out the facts leading to that unpleasant decision, in a firm but humane way.
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季度 jìdù quarter of a year
绩效 jìxiào performance
考核 kǎohé results, achievements
业绩 yèjì outstanding achievements
Xiǎo Liú ,zhè ge jìdù de jìxiào kǎohé jiéguǒ nǐ kàn le ma ?
Xiao Liu, did you see the results of the performance assessments for this quarter?
kàn le 。
nǐ zhè liǎng ge jìdù de yèjì dōu bùtài hǎo 。érqiě hái jiēdào jǐ cì kèhù tóusù 。
Your performance these last two quarters hasn't been very good. Also, you've received complaints from a few customers.
yǒuxiē kèhù tài nángǎo le ,lǎo bǎ zìjǐ dāng shàngdì ,diāonàn rén 。
Some customers are just too difficult to handle. They always think they're god. It's not easy.
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