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Fast Cars and Dangerous Driving

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ID: 1214 Upper Intermediate
This is a Chinese lesson about having fun in your brand-new car. The tires squeal as you tear around the bend, laughing and singing along with the radio. Learn how to take a spin in Mandarin Chinese, but drive responsibly. It's all fun and games until someone loses a limb.
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虐待 nǜedài to mistreat, to abuse
模样 múyàng appearance
摆设 bǎishè decoration
飙车 biāochē drag racing
nǐ zhè xīn chē cái mǎi le yī gè yuè ,jiù bèi nǐ nüèdài chéng zhè fù múyàng le !
You've only had this car for a month, and you've already beaten it up like this!
chē mǎi le jiùyào kāi ,yòu bù shì nálái zuò bǎishè 。
Once you've bought a car, you need to drive it! You don't just get it to be a decoration.
wǒ kàn nǐ kěndìng qù biāochē le ,yòubiān de hòushìjìng dōu suì le 。
Looks to me like you've definitely done some drag-racing. The right mirror is smashed!
fǎnzhèng shàng le bǎoxiǎn ,dàbuliǎo qù xiū yīxià ,huítóu zhǎo bǎoxiǎngōngsī bàoxiāo 。
Well, anyway, I've got it insured. The worst that can happen is I'll go get it repaired. Then later I can have the insurance company reimburse me.
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