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Farm Life Tourism

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ID: 2159 Upper Intermediate
After China's rapid urbanization, it's millions of city dwellers are longing to get back to the farm. And who can blame them? Fresh air, fresh food and peace and quiet. What's not to love about a getaway out in the country? In this lesson, learn all about it!
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响当当 xiǎngdāngdāng to be well known
不敢当 bù gǎndāng to not dare to say, I'm flattered
according to
经营 jīngyíng to run a business
Hú lǎobǎn ,nínhǎo ,nín xiànzài kěshì wǒmen xiàn xiǎngdāngdāng de nóngmín qǐyèjiā ,gēn guānzhòng men dǎshēngzhāohu ba 。
Boss Hu, hello! You are currently our county's outstanding countryside business leader. Say hello to our audience!
bù gǎndāng !dàjiā hǎo ,huānyíng dàjiā lái Lǎo Hú nóngjiālè zuòkè 。
I'm flattered! Hello, everyone! You are all welcome as guests to Old Hu's Farm Life Inn.
Hú lǎobǎn ,jù wǒ liǎojiě nín yǐqián shì gè zhǐ huì zuò nónghuó de nóngmín ,zénme huì xiǎng qǐlai jīngyíng nóngjiālè ne ?zhè kěshì xiànzài zuì rèmén de lǚyóu xíngshì 。
Boss Hu, from what we know, before you only made a living from farming the land. How did you think of running a farm life inn? Now this really is the hottest form of travel.
shēnghuósuǒpò ba 。zuò nónghuó zhuànbùliǎo jǐ ge qián 。jiālǐ shàngyǒulǎoxiàyǒuxiǎo ,xiǎode yào dúshū ,lǎode yào kànbìng ,dōu xūyào qián 。méi bànfǎ a !hòulái wǒmen jiù xiǎng zài jiā ménkǒu kāi gè xiǎo fàndiàn ba 。wǒ nàkǒuzi zuò de cài zài wǒmen cūn shì zuì hǎochī de 。
Life makes one do all kinds of things, right? Farming the land, one can't earn a lot of money. The family has both old and young people. The young folks need to study and the old folks need to go to the doctor. All of this requires money. There was no choice! The result was that we wanted to open up a small restaurant outside our door. The food my wife makes is the tastiest in our village.
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