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Falling Asleep at the Movies

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ID: 3069 Intermediate
Today we heard of someone that claims they never fall asleep at the movies despite everyone speaking to the contrary. We hear an interesting phrase for "to doze off/nap" which literally translates as the sleepy bug!
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动不动 dòng bu dòng frequently
睡着 shuìzháo to fall asleep
不过 bùguò but
夸张 kuāzhāng exaggerated
tīngshuō nǐ kàn diànyǐng de shíhou ,zǒngshì kēshuì chóng shàngshēn ,dòng bu dòng jiù kàn dào shuìzháo ,shìma ?
I hear that when you watch films, you're always overpowered by the sandman. You're always falling asleep at the drop of the hat when you're watching, yeah?
luàn jiǎng ,wǒ méiyǒu ”zǒngshì ”kàn dào shuìzháo ,nǐ kàn guò wǒ shuìzháo ma ?méiyǒu 、méiyǒu ā !
Bullshit, it's not that I'm "always" falling asleep when I watch. Have you ever seen me sleeping? No, you haven't, you haven't!
wǒ shì méiyǒu ,bùguò ,wǒ zěnme chángcháng tīng biérén shuō ,nǐ zài diànyǐngyuàn shuìjiào 。
I haven't, but how is it that I often here other people say that you sleep in the movie theater?
shuō chángcháng yě tài kuāzhāng ,wǒ dǐngduō ǒuěr huì shuì ba 。
Saying often is a bit much, at most I occasionally fall asleep.
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