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Fad Diet

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ID: 4624 Upper Intermediate
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妖魔化 yāomóhuà demonize
营养 yíngyǎng nutrition; nourishment
价值 jiàzhí value; worth; fig. values (ethical, cultural etc)
碳水化合物 tànshuǐhuàhéwù carbohydrate
lìng yīgē cháng bèi yāomóhuà de yíngyǎng jiàzhí jiùshì tànshuǐhuàhéwù 。
Another nutritional value that has been often demonized is the carbohydrates.
wǒ jìde yǒu hěnduō cāntīng dōu shì huì tígōng wú fūzhì xuǎnxiàng 。
I remember a lot of restaurants in the West offer gluten free options.
wǒ dào xiànzài dōu bù zhīdào tāmen shì zhēnde shì xiǎngyào chīsù ne ,huòzhě tāmen shì àixī dòngwù a ,huòzhě zhǐshì zhuī ge shímáo bàle 。
I still don't know if they really want to be vegetarian, or if they love animals, or simply want to follow the trend.
shuōbudìng zuìhòu gǎo de miànhuángjīshòu ,yuánběn xiǎngyào biàn Měi ,biàn shuài de jìhuà fǎnér pàotāng le ne 。
Maybe you will be end up with a skinny face and ruin your initial plans to be beautiful and handsome.
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