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Experiencing Agricultural Life

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ID: 0561 Upper Intermediate
A special podcast today. We listen in on an interview about a very interesting aspect of coming of age in China--going on the school field trip to the countryside to study agricultural life. Listen in to this Mandarin Chinese interview with our very own Ziheng, (you may recognize him from his previous acting roles here at ChinesePod) as he shares his very unique, and often humorous, thoughts on this interesting and rare glimpse into real life in China.
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学农 xuénóng to make an agricultural field trip
长途跋涉 chángtúbáshè to go a long distance
农闲 nóngxián agricultural off-season
采摘 cǎizhāi to pick
hēi !dàjiā hǎo !wǒ jiào Zǐ Héng !
Hey! Hello everybody! I'm Ziheng.
Zǐ Héng fēicháng de huópo a ,hǎo ,nà ,Zǐ Héng ,jīntiān wǒmen yào guānyú xuénóng duì nǐ zuò yī ge cǎifǎng 。zhǔnbèi hǎo le méiyǒu ?
Ziheng is very lively. OK, then, Ziheng, today we want to interview you about learning agricultural production. Are you ready?
ng4 ,zhǔchírén nǐ qǐng suíbiàn ba !
Uh-huh. Host, please ask me whatever you like!
hǎo ,dì yī ge wèntí jiùshì nǐ dúshū de shíhou yǒuméiyǒu xué guo nóng ?
OK. The first question is, when you were in school, did you ever study farming?
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