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ID: 2791 Upper Intermediate
Listen to an exclusive interview with an award winning design studio and learn useful words and phrases to do with interviews, design and working with clients.
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抽空 chōukòng to find time
果然 guǒrán as expected
工作室 gōngzuòshì job
青睐 qīnglài favor
gǎnxiè nǐ chōukòng jiēshòu fǎngwèn !hǎo měi de kōngjiān ,guǒrán shì shèjìshī de gōngzuòshì 。
Thanks for making the time to take this interview! What a beautiful space, it is not surprising that it is a designer's workshop.
wǒ cái yào xièxie nǐmen de qīnglài ,tì wǒmen zhè ge xiǎo gōngsī tígāo bàoguānglǜ 。
It's me that should thank you for coming, to help us raise the profile of our small company.
nǐ tài qiānxū le ,nǐmen qùnián zài Déguó hóngdiǎn shèjì dàsài shàng dàfàngyìcǎi ,zǎo jiù dǎxiǎng le zhīmíngdù 。
You're too modest, last year you really distinguished yourselves at Germany's Red Dot Design Awards, so you've been famous for quite some time already.
hāhā ,déjiǎng zhīhòu wǒmen jiēdào de ànzi díquè bǐ yǐwǎng gāochū sān bèi 。
Ha ha, after winning the prize we have indeed received three times the amount of cases.
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