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Exchange Rates

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ID: 0410 Upper Intermediate
Although they may sound similar, the difference between the “yen” and the “yuan” is big. So how does the world’s next big economy communicate? In terms of exchange rates. And how does the next big Mandarin learner join in? By listening to this podcast, wherein you will learn about currency exchange and money matters, in Mandarin Chinese
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升值 shēngzhí appreciate
贬值 biǎnzhí devaluated
吃亏 chīkuī suffer loss
汇率 huìlǜ exchange rate
rénmínbì zhèyīnián shēngzhí de zhēn kuài !wǒ shǒu lǐ de měijīn dōu biǎnzhí hǎoduō le !
The Chinese yuan has gone up really quickly this year! My American dollars have depreciated a lot!
shéi jiào nǐ bù zǎo huàn rénmínbì ?xiànzài chīkuī le ba !
No one stopped you from exchanging them for Chinese yuan sooner. Now you’ll have to take your losses!
én ,bùguò huìlǜ biàndòng hěn nán shuō ,wǒ nǎ liàodedào ā ?érqiě wǒ juéde rénmínbì hé měijīn zhèzhǒng qiángshì huòbì hái shì bǐjiào wěndìng de 。
Yeah, but exchange rate fluctuations are hard to predict, how could I have known? Plus, I think that these kinds of major currencies, such as the Chinese yuan and American dollar, are still relatively stable.
yǒu dàolǐ 。āi ,nǐ zhīdào xiànzài yī Ōuyuán duìhuàn duōshao rénmínbì ma ?
That makes sense. Hey, do you know the conversion for one euro to Chinese yuan now?
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