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English Grammar Difficulties

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ID: 2193 Upper Intermediate
Learning Chinese is hard, but learning English is difficult too! In this lesson, a Chinese student faces a teacher after failing to get their head around some points in English grammar. Learn how to talk about tense, prepositions, clauses and all those great grammar words in this lesson!
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惨了 cǎn le tragic
摸底 mōdǐ assessment
而且 érqiě moreover
粗心 cūxīn careless
Wáng Xiǎomíng ,dào wǒ de bàngōngshì lái !
Wang Xiaoming, get into my office!
cǎn le 。
nǐ zěnmehuíshì a ,mōdǐ kǎoshì cái kǎo le sìshíbā fēn !nǐ dàodǐ fùxí le méiyǒu a ?
What's to be done with you? You only scored 48% on the placement test. Did you review or not?
lǎoshī ,wǒ fùxí shì fùxí le ,kěshì hěn duō dōngxi guò le yī gè shǔjià dōu wàngjì le 。érqiě kǎoshì shí yě tài cūxīn le ,hǎo jǐ ge jùzi yībānxiànzàishí dìsānrénchēng dānshù dòngcí dōu méi jiā “S ”。
Teacher, I reviewed and I reviewed, but I forgot lots of things over the summer vacation. Also, when I took the test, I was so careless. There were a lot of sentences where I didn't add an “s” to third person verbs in the present tense.
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