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End of CNY Party

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ID: 2627 Intermediate
The end of year party just got a lot more exciting. First prize in the raffle is a car! Listen to the lesson to find out who wins!
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来到 láidào to come to
重头戏 zhòngtóuxì highlight of the show
抽奖 chōujiǎng to draw in a raffle
得主 dezhǔ winner
hǎo !xiànzài láidào le jīntiān de zhòngtóuxì ,chōujiǎng ,zhè ge zuìdà jiǎng ,qìchē !dézhǔ jiùyào chūxiàn le !tái xià de gèwèi ,děng le yī gè wǎnshang ,kàn biǎoyǎn yě bù shì hěn zhuānxīn ,jiùshì zài děng zhè yī kè ,shì ba ?
Right! We are now at the highlight of today's show - the prize draw. The grand prize is - a car! The winner is about to appear. Ladies and gentlemen in the audience, you have been waiting all night, and haven't been all that concentrated in the show, it's because you are waiting for this moment right?
zhōngyú yào chōu qìchē le !
Finally we come to the raffle draw for the car.
shì a !wǒ de chōujiǎngquàn ne ?ā zhèlǐ 。
Yeah, where is my raffle ticket.
hǎo la !xiánhuà bù duō shuō ,náchū gèwèi de chōujiǎng quàn ,cāliàng yǎnjing ,kān qīngchu shàngmian de hàomǎ !yǒuméiyǒu rén hái méi bǎ chōujiǎngquàn tóu jìn xiāngzǐ lǐ de ?yǒu ma ?yǒu ?ng4 ,bùhǎoyìsi ,láibují la ,míngnián qǐngzǎo 。
Alright! No more nonsense, everyone please get out your raffle ticket. Sharpens your eyes and look clearly at the number on (your ticket). Has anyone not placed their ticket in the in the box? Anyone? Yes? Um, well, I'm sorry. It's too late. Earlier next year.
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