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Emojis 脑洞大开—表情包

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ID: 4168 Advanced
表情包在发信息时已经变得越来越不能缺少了,但表情包不仅仅是普通的表情,网友们自制了许多充满想象力的表情图片,并加上文字,成为了表情包。来听听这课,看看表情包会不会也让你心动吧! Emojis have become almost indispensable in our daily messaging. 脑洞大开 is an internet phrase, do emojis leave you baffled or trigger your creativity? HSK 5 - 表情 缓解 对方 干脆 属于 HSK 6 - 群众 欢乐 源泉 正经 枯竭 网络 尴尬
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表情包 biǎoqíngbāo emoticon pack
群众 qúnzhòng mass; multitude; the masses
欢乐 huānlè gaiety; gladness; glee
源泉 yuánquán fountainhead; well-spring; source
zhēnshi de ,nǐmen xiànzài de niánqīngrén shìbùshì méiyǒu biǎoqíngbāo dōu bùhuì liáotiān le !
Really! Young people nowadays cannot chat without using emojis!
biǎoqíng bāo kěshì wǒmen qúnzhòng huānlè de yuánquán ya ,zhāo nǐ rě nǐ le ?
The expression pack is the source of joy for us. Has it provoked you?
gōngsī xīnlái de nàge shíxísheng ,wǒ zài wèn tā zhèngjīng shì r5 ,tā gěi wǒ diū lái yīduī wěisuǒ de xióngmāo ,wǒ yánjiū le bàntiān yě méiyǒu kàn dǒng tā zài shuō shénme 。
I was asking about work with the new intern in my company when he sent me a bunch of panda emojis that looked sorry or something. After analyzing for half a day, I still didn’t understand his message.
wǒ kànkan tā dōu fā le xiē shénme ,yǒuméiyǒu wǒ néng yòng de ,wǒ zuìjìn tú kù dōu kūjié le 。
Let me see what he sent, I may find them useful. I’ve exhausted my own library recently.
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