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Editing a Photo

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ID: 0977 Upper Intermediate
You've always secretly envied those lovers in the park. Laying across a mossy bank, in a blue tuxedo / pink taffeta rented wedding dress pinned up at the back to fit. Well, now you don't need to hire any two-bit wedding photographer, nor do you need a gal willing to marry you. You can study this podcast lesson, and learn in Chinese how to get a misty, touched-up cheesy photo of your own.
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处理 chǔlǐ to handle
像素 xiàngsù resolution
格式 géshì format
清晰 qīngxī distinct
nǐhǎo ,xiànzài máng ma ?wǒ xiǎng qǐng nǐ bāng wǒ chǔlǐ yīxiē túpiàn hé Flash 。
Hi, are you busy right now? I want to ask you to help me process some pictures and Flash items.
hǎo de ,nǐ shuō ba 。
OK, go ahead.
zhèxiē túpiàn xūyào chǔlǐ chéng sìbǎi liùshí bā chéngyǐ liùshí xiàngsù de ,jpg géshì 。zuìhǎo xuǎnzé kàn qǐlái qīngxī yīdiǎn de zìtǐ ,érqiě yào néng xīyǐn yǎnqiú 。
I need these pictures at 468 by 60 pixel resolution, JPG format. It would best if you could choose a clear-looking font, one that appeals to the eye.
hǎo ,méiwèntí 。túpiàn yánsè hé liàngdù yě yào xiūzhèng yīxià ba ?
OK, no problem. Do you want me to correct the color and brightness of the picture as well?
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