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Early Taiwanese Mandopop Classics (1950-1970s)

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ID: 4334 Upper Intermediate
Through beautiful songs such as 綠島小夜曲 (1954) and 梅花 (1976) written in Taiwan, Chi explains the early history of the Mandopop genre. Many say the popular songs in the 1950s-70s are the best music ever produced in the English-speaking world. Well, these Chinese oldies are also held in the highest regard by many Chinese-speakers too. What do you think? Tune in and let us know! Song in focus: 往事只能回味 (1975) by 刘家昌. Songs featured: 凤飞飞 – 祝你幸福 (1972) 紫薇 – 绿岛小夜曲 (1961) 费玉清 – 绿岛小夜曲 (1991) 姚苏蓉 – 今天不回家 (1969) 齐豫 – 橄榄树 (1979) 刘家昌 – 往事只能回味 (1975) 甄妮 – 梅花 (1976) 邓丽君 – 梅花 (1980)
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往事 wǎngshì past events
回味 huíwèi to reflect on; to reminisce
时光 shíguāng time; period of time
童年 tóngnián childhood
gēqǔ :wǎngshì zhǐnéng huíwèi
Song: The Past Can Only be Reminisced
gēshǒu :Liújiāchāng
Artist: Liu Jiachang
shíguāng yī shì yǒngbù huí
Once time passes, it never comes back.
wǎngshì zhǐnéng huíwèi
The past can only be reminisced.
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