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E-commerce and Healthcare

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ID: 2586 Upper Intermediate
E-commerce is big business in China and reforms are allowing internet firms increasing access to sectors that were previously barred to them, like the healthcare and medical industry. In this lesson we hear from two men who are hoping to make money out this opportunity.
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医疗 yīliáo medical
器材 qìcái equipment
灵通 língtōng to connect
领域 lǐngyù field; sector
Jack hǎojiǔbùjiàn ,zuìjìn hǎo ma ?
Long time no see, Jack, how have you been?
zuìjìn hái xíng ba ,hùliánwǎng hángyè yě jiù nàyàng le 。jìde nǐ shì zuò yīliáo fāngmiàn de shìma ?
I've been battling on, par for the course in the internet industry. I seem to remember you're in healthcare?
shìa ,zuò le shínián de yīliáo qìcái 。duìle ,tīngshuō nǐ zuìjìn zài zhǎo hézuò xiàngmù ?
Yes, I've been making medical devices for a decade. Oh yes, I heard that you've been looking for cooperative projects lately.
nǐ xiāoxi tǐng língtōng de 。
You seem to be very much in the loop.
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