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Dragon Boat Festival Special (Video and Podcast)

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ID: 2713 Intermediate
VIDEO and ADDITIONAL PODCAST: Ever wondered why there is a Dragon on a dragon boat or how the custom of eating sticky rice dumplings came about? Join Fiona, Constance and Iona in this Dragon Boat Festival Special Podcast and get a deeper understanding of this vibrant festival.
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端午节 duānwǔjié Dragon Boat Festival
bāo to wrap
粽子 zòngzi pyramids of sticky rice wrapped in leaves
越来越少 yuèláiyuèshǎo to be fewer and fewer
duānwǔjié de shíhou ,yǒuxiērén jiālǐ huì bāo zòngzi ,kěshì yīnwèi bāo zòngzi yǒudiǎnr máfan ,érqiě yícì yào bāo hěn duō ,suǒyǐ yuèláiyuèshǎo rén zìjǐ bāo zòngzi le ,xiànzài dàbùfēn de rén shì mǎi zòngzi lái chī 。
During Dragon Boat Festival, some families will make sticky rice dumplings. Yet because making sticky rice dumplings can be quite complicated, and you have to make many dumplings at once, there are less and less people making their own sticky rice dumplings. Most people just buy ready-made dumplings to eat.
bāo zòngzi de shíhou shì yí chuàn yí chuàn de ,yí chuàn shàngmian huì yǒu hǎo jǐ ge zòngzi 。
When making sticky rice dumplings one has to string them together bunch by bunch. There will be many dumplings in each bunch.
zòngzi lǐmian bāo de dōngxi jiàozuò “xiànliào ”,yǒu tiánde 、yǒu xián de 。
The stuff that is wrapped inside the dumplings is referred to as "xian4 liao4". This can be sweet or savoury.
ànzhào xíngzhuàng hé kǒuwèi ,zòngzi kěyǐ fēn chéng běifāngzòng hé nánfāngzòng ,nánfāngzòng dàbùfēn shì xián de ,yě bǐjiào dà 。
According to their shape or flavour, sticky rice dumplings can be divided into northern or southern dumplings. Southern dumplings are usually savoury and larger in size.
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